DA rejects Tau’s deceitful response to IEC complaint

The DA has today filed a response to Tau’s deceitful reply to our IEC complaint against him and the ANC for the City of Joburg’s blatant ANC electioneering at the expense of tax payer’s money.

The narrative of the advert at the centre of our complaint is as follows:

“A great city like Joburg deserves great leadership, so it’s good to know that Joburg executive mayor, counsellor Parks Tau, was recently nominated as an African candidate for the United Cities and Local Government co-Presidency and the MMC for Health and Social Development was elected Vice President of the Network for Locally Elected Women of Africa, an Integral part of United Cities and Local Governance Africa. Clearly the city of Joburg is in good hands. Joburg, a world class African city.”

It is laughable for Tau’s spokesperson, Phindile Chauke, to suggest that the advert, “was designed to instill confidence among Johannesburg residents, investors and potential investors.”

It is disgraceful to claim that this advert is, “standard and annual communication of success and achievements” of the City of Joburg.

The advert clearly has nothing to do with the City and everything to do with Parks Tau.

Who is Tau trying to fool?

The DA notified the IEC as soon as we became aware of the advert when it aired earlier this month.

The fact that it has been playing since March, as admitted by Tau, adds further fuel to the flames of City-funded abuse of public resources for purposes of ANC electioneering.

I launched my campaign in March and while the ANC fought among itself to determine who its mayoral candidate would be, the City took it upon itself to waste the people’s money to prop up Tau’s administration and campaign for the ANC.

Tau’s administration has spent millions of Rand promoting his campaign with billboards and adverts that cast Mr Tau and the ANC in a positive light.

This amounts to millions of Rand worth of lost opportunities to create jobs for the 869 000 unemployed people of this city.

It amounts to millions of Rand worth of lost opportunities to improve the lives of 25% of the City’s residents who live in informal settlements. These are people who are forced to live in conditions so shocking that I have lodged eight complaints with the South African Human Rights Commission, which they have agreed to investigate.

The Code of Conduct states that:

“no person may abuse a position of power… to influence the conduct or outcome of an election”.

By spending public money on party political propaganda, Mr Tau is abusing his position in an attempt to influence the outcome of this election.

This is why we have laid a complaint with the IEC, and we hope that they will treat it with the seriousness it deserves.

It is clear that both Mayor Tau and the ANC must be reminded that, even when faced with losing control of the City to the DA, they are not beyond the law.

It falls to the IEC to ensure the freedom and fairness of the 2016 elections are preserved by holding Mayor Tau and the ANC to account.

If the IEC fails or refuses to do so we will seek other legal avenues to compel adherence to the Electoral Code of Conduct.

Regardless of the ANC’s desperate and unlawful attempts to influence the elections, the people of Johannesburg will not be fooled.

The people of Joburg are sick and tired of the ANC’s dirty tricks and lies.

The ANC knows it has lost the trust of the people after 22 years of broken promises.

If I am elected mayor, I promise that money such as this will be spent on ensuring that jobs are created, and better services are delivered.

On 3 August vote for a clean government that puts the people of this city first.

Vote for change that will move Johannesburg forward.

Be a part of CHANGE. It’s time to unite!

In 2019, we have an opportunity to bring the change that South Africa so desperately needs, but to do it, we need your help.

3 Responses to DA rejects Tau’s deceitful response to IEC complaint

  1. eJulius Samuel July 28, 2016 at 1:48 pm #

    Its a gallant shame the way DA is going about the election.. Am not into politics and will never be but am educated so i can see the writing on the wall. Not all South Africans are fool to the Anthologizing the other parties particularly the ANC.. i never liked the ANC and will not but they have done things which we have seen.. i don`t believe the DA has ever review any truth about there agenda.

    1. The party members even in my AREA are racist and they continually being racist and much are white supreme in there own right.. the DA response will be they are never same with the party or probably some bad eggs

    2. The DA`s MP`s have been found to be racist also but they are re-installed into there various position meanwhile ANC, ACDP and others gallantly fights such a thing .

    3. The DA talks about #freeEducation #VoteAndGetJobs i don`t believe if you want to make a change you have to wait for people to vote first. DA owns Western Cape and have never for once been safe there and maybe you should look into google.com and see CAPETOWN is the real home of DA and its the number 1 racist city in Africa and top 10 in the world.

    4. Where are your policy for Free Education? can we see them? ACDP, ANC have shown this but none from DA, all DA does is to be negative every effort of particularly ANC.. y? i really dont know cause i believe running your own race and let people see what you will do or what you are doing is always the best.

    5. The ways you actually write your banners and ways you actually do your adverts.. criticizing and probably being rude not only to people older and now am talking to how Mr. Musimani addresses the President of the country. I might not President Jacob Zuma but will not disrespect the man who is running the country right now.. if you can`t show respect to him then how can you show respect to us when you get to Union Building?

    6. The E-toll was the funniest stunt, How can you say you will scratch e-toll? where will you get the money to make sure the roads are fine? you against e-toll? where will the people work? where will they get job? you forced Guptas out which jeopardise jobs for 1500 people? do the DA think before they act? countries not run in such ways. Whats your plan for the free education? where will you create the Jobs? Western Cape is full of whites working but coloured and blacks are without jobs and probably the ones who have does have a minimum job.

    7. I do have a whole lot to say but let the DA know that not all SOuth Africans are stupid to the cheap campaign and slogan. If they get there i believe here is whats going to happen, You would complain and lied ANC ha destroyed everything, you would complain that another four years is needed in running and all the cabinets will be filled with nothing but people who only think of there type of race.

    8. I might not vote but looking to vote for you, my wife looking also into it, am not convinced by your policy and way the party is run.. I would rather ANC or ACDP now.. here is just an advise if you want educated person to vote for you. Still open to be convinced.

    • Necle August 10, 2016 at 8:23 pm #

      p;ease Google “the inside story of Jacob Zuma’s friends with benefits”

      • eJulius Samuel August 10, 2016 at 8:57 pm #

        Yah written by another corrupt leadership whom the party not only play sorry by lieing to people but also a whole lots of segregation

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