Attacks on journalists at protests must end

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The DA strongly condemns the recent acts of violence against journalists covering protests action across the country and calls on protestors to not resort to violent ends to voice their frustrations.

Yesterday, journalists were forced to flee from the protests in Vuwani, after six vehicles, including two SABC vans, were damaged after protestors pelted stones at them.

Today, another journalist was yet again caught in the crossfire, when he was attacked in Coligny, as he was filming a house that had been burned.

The DA urgently calls on the police to better protect journalists against acts of violence directed at them. Equally, protests must never include attacks on journalists, who are doing their jobs to cover protest actions.

South Africa is a democratic country where citizens may exercise their Constitutional right to protest, however, those who protest must do so peacefully.

The media play an important role in covering the events on the ground and reporting on these protests, and we urge protesters to not misplace their frustrations with the government on journalists.

Journalists have the unnerving task of often going into volatile conditions in order to educate and inform the rest of the country. The DA commends all the brave and fearless journalists who go out every day in pursuit of the truth.

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