DA welcomes progress being made in Metro Governments

The DA notes and welcomes today’s inaugural Budget Speech by the Executive Mayor of Tshwane, Solly Msimanga.

Mayor Msimanga continues to be an excellent example that exemplifies how the DA delivers on our promises to improve service delivery, cut corruption and create jobs.

In Tshwane, Major Msimanga has:

• Allocated R1.3 billion to maintain and fix infrastructure;
• Set aside R660 million in Rosslyn, Ekangala and Watloo’s industrial nodes which will contribute towards 23 000 new EPWP jobs;
• Apportioned R2 billion for the metro police to put into action a crime fighting plan supported under the Inner City Rejuvenation project;
• Aimed to support all residents that qualify with a basket of free basic services that includes 100kWh of free electricity, 12kl of free water, free refuse removal and no property rates for all registered indigent households;
• Implemented an open bid adjudication process which creates transparency and accountability so that all citizens can see how tenders are awarded; and
• Committed to formalising a total of 7 informal settlements under Project Tirane.

The DA also notes and warmly welcomes today’s statement from the Executive Mayor of Nelson Mandela Bay (NMB), Athol Trollip.

This is a true example of DA delivery success, where in just 8 months, Trollip is turning the metro around and delivering on his promises.

With 12 000 more people accessing basic services, NMB is becoming a city that delivers for all, and where more and more people than ever before have access to the dignity of sanitation, running water, electricity and refuse collection.

In NMB, Athol Trollip has:

• Guaranteed R211 million rand by the NMB municipality to get services to roughly 3000 informal homes, or 12 000 residents, in the upcoming year;
• Committed to put in place street lighting and resurfacing for gravel roads;
• Apportioned roughly R70 000 per erf to deliver these services;
• Changed the formerly corrupt Human Settlements Directorate into a vehicle for delivery; and
• Announced 1900 new title deeds to be handed to their rightful owners.

Two weeks ago Mayor Herman Mashaba delivered his inaugural State of the City address, and noted remarkable achievements, of which the DA is very proud.

Mayor Mashaba’s achievements include:

• After the City of Johannesburg, under the ANC, handed over zero title deeds in 2013/14, under Mayor Mashaba the City has handed over 2 800 titles deeds thus far, and a further 1 100 title deeds are ready to be handed over to beneficiaries.
• A newly-created Internal Investigations Unit in the City has exposed almost R2 billion in fraud and corruption. While the ANC let corruption flourish, the Mashaba administration is decisively cutting it out.
• More than 7000 Small, Medium and Micro- Sized Enterprises (SMME) were assisted by the SME Hubs over the past nine months, in order to reverse Johannesburg’s high unemployment rate. This evidences the DA’s all-out commitment to job creation.
• The extension of operating hours at more clinics across the city, to be open until 10 pm on weeknights, allowing residents access to healthcare without losing a day’s pay at work.

DA governments will continue to improve living conditions, because we care deeply about the people for whom we govern.

Be a part of CHANGE. It’s time to unite!

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