Eskom R1 billion nepotism report must be tabled before parliament

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The DA will today write to Public Enterprises Minister, Lynne Brown, to request that the final report into Eskom CEO Matshela Koko’s alleged R1 billion nepotism scandal be tabled before Parliament. Eskom accounts to Parliament, and a scandal of such enormous proportions, directly implicating the CEO, deserves serious consideration by Parliament.

According to media reports last month, Eskom CEO Matshela Koko allegedly awarded tenders worth R1 billion to Impulse International, a company of which his step-daughter is a Director.

The report has now been finalised and must be tabled in Parliament.

The nepotism scandal alleged against Mr Koko, points to a type of nepotism of the highest order. Koko’s absurd explanation (that he was unaware that his stepdaughter was involved with Impulse International) brings into question his ability to lead Eskom, and his very integrity.

Minister Lynne Brown has for too long allowed the rot of corruption to fester at Eskom and other parastatals, and it is now up to Parliament to exercise oversight and hold those responsible for looting to account.

Under the ANC’s governance, state-owned enterprises have become a hotspot for looting. However, the DA will continue to fight against the endemic corruption in the public sector. Parastatals should work for the people, not as a tool of patronage.

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