DA’s application to intervene in Molefe’s Labour Court case granted with costs

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The DA welcomes the Labour Courts decision to grant our application to intervene in former Eskom Group Chief Executive Officer, Brian Molefe’s, case before it today. Our application was granted with costs.

The DA is now a full respondent in this action and will therefore be able to argue the substantive issues pertaining the reappointment of Molefe, starting on Thursday, 29 June 2017.

Molefe’s contention that he never ceased to be an employee of Eskom is completely bizarre and the DA will forcefully argue that Molefe’s reappointment was completely irrational and illegal and as a result, the Labour Court cannot reinstate Molefe to a position which he was not lawfully permitted to fill.

We will make these points so that we can proceed with our application in the North Gauteng High Court to have his reappointment set aside as irrational and unlawful, in August this year.

It is clear that Molefe’s fitness to restore good governance practices at the power entity is in serious question and that he should have no place there.

The DA looks forward to arguing these points and to take further steps towards ensuring that our state-owned entities are no longer pilfered for the benefit of the Guptas and a politically connected few.

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  1. Sydney Daniel June 27, 2017 at 7:11 pm #

    VIVA DA VIVA…Nail the criminals…

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