Mbalula must get back SAPS money used for ANC business from Mkongi

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The DA challenges Police Minister, Fikile Mbalula, to do the right thing, and recoup every cent from his deputy, Bongani Mkongi, taken from the South African Police Service (SAPS) budget for hotel accommodation and a conference venue for ANC business.

Mkongi’s Chief of Staff, Jabu Mfusi, stayed at a hotel to attend an ANC Western Cape provincial executive committee (PEC) meeting, where he called for the PEC’s disbandment, using public money. Mkongi allegedly then used SAPS money to pay for a boardroom that held a press conference where the disbandment was called for.

This is a clear case of using public money for ANC business.

Should Mkongi be unwilling to give back what he and his office spent, Mbalula should not hesitate to have it deducted from his salary.

This is yet another example of how the ANC abuses tax payer’s money in factional fights rather than prioritising the best interest of South Africa and keeping our country safe.

Rather than directing the limited resources available to them to prevent, combat and investigate crime, it is clear that these funds are being flagrantly wasted on ANC factionalism.

This is money that should go towards resourcing, training, equipping and staffing the police and should, under no circumstances, be used to sponsor ANC events.

Mbalula must prioritise the appropriate resourcing of the police services to ensure that all our people can feel and be safe. If he is serious about fulfilling his mandate as Minister, he will claim this money back from Mkongi.

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