DA welcomes decision to dissolve Metsimaholo Municipality Council

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The Democratic Alliance welcomes the decision by the FS Cooperative Governance and Traditional Affairs (Cogta) Department to dissolve the Metsimaholo Municipality Council. Metsimaholo was governed in a coalition by the DA, EFF, MCA and FF+. The MCA pulled out of the coalition, sold out to the ANC and replaced DA MMCs with ANC Councillors.

Challenges in the municipality started when it failed to table the budget for the 2017/18 financial year which was due by 30 June 2017. The opposition (DA, EFF and FF+) rejected the budget on the grounds that it was not drafted in synchrony with the Integrated Development Plan (IDP), which is ward-based or pro-poor. Numerous requests were sent to Executive Mayor, Cllr. Sello Hlasa, to discuss the budget but they were ignored.

The ANC tried to push through the budget even though it would not benefit the people. The DA was not willing to pass an illegitimate budget and an IDP from which the community will not benefit just to retain their positions.

The DA is not optimistic that the appointment of Mr Moses Moremi as the administrator will revive the municipality and bring back efficient service delivery to the people. The ANC is the direct cause of this chaos in the municipality and it is woefully not in a position to self-correct.

The DA will continue to fight for the change that the people of Metsimaholo called for. We will not tolerate the ANC plundering municipal resources. Our councillors realise that they are custodians of the public’s trust and would never behave in a way that is contrary to those values. The decision to not pass the budget was in the interest of the people of Metsimaholo.

The DA is looking forward to the date that will be set by the IEC for the election of the new Council as it is expected to pronounce a date within 90 days from when the council was dissolved. The offer to the people of Metsimaholo Municipality is a simple one. The DA will cut corruption and the mismanagement of public money and redirect it to growing the local economy and creating jobs.

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  1. Lungile Mxube August 4, 2017 at 12:13 am #

    Coalition system of government is expected to become a permanent feature of our political life in South Africa , especially after the 2016 Local Government Elections. However , the culture of intolerance of divergent political views , arrogance of power are two biggest threat that can undermine this multi-party democratic system as opposed to a single and dominant party system. Drawing international experiences and best governance practices of coalition rule will be an important exercise to be undertaken. Latin America , Norway (with) its longest coalition system can best offer good lessons, also , the United Kingdom. One of the international lessons which in my view is critical for South Africa is the fact that , in Latin America for instance , a distinction between two forms of coalition has been made , namely ; the pre-election or party to party coalition and post election or government coalition. The pre-election or party to party coalition tend to last longer because , party to party coalition have a clearly defined objectives , agree in advance on a single electoral list , joint campaign etc. The post election or government coalition is driven by proximity to power. The interest of the voters, the exchange of their votes for power sharing arrangement post election is very problematic because , in these coalition agreement , the voters are being excluded , parties do not conduct effective public participation. All SA Coalition arrangements are based on a post election power sharing arrangement, hence they are characterized by instability , lack of long term accelerated futuristic plan (long term vision) and a Municipal Turn Around Strategy , a Good Governance Model that will make parties in coalition different from the previous rule. It is important that , the post election coalition is rooted from the people, must be people-driven and people centered. Avoid both left and right opportunism , arrogance of power , greed , empty rhetoric , involved people. Amandla

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