DA welcomes suspension of Anoj Singh

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The DA welcomes the suspension of Eskom’s Gupta-linked CFO, Anoj Singh.

However, his suspension must not be used as an excuse to not appear before the upcoming Parliamentary Inquiry into Eskom.

The DA is also of the belief that Mr Singh has a criminal case to answer for and we have committed to laying charges for possible breaches of the Public Finance Management Act.

His possible role in a range of corruption scandals and dodgy deals at Eskom, which include but are not necessarily limited to the R495 million Trillian contracts and the grossly reduced arbitration settlement from R2.1 billion to R577 million for Tegeta, must be fully investigated.

It does seem that progress is being made towards cleaning up the rot that has set in at Eskom. Yet this does not mean our work is done.

We still have a long way to go to ensure that the state-owned power utility works for the people of our country and that it is no longer looted for the financial benefit of a few Zupta’s.

The DA will continue to push for this and to ensure that those responsible are made to account before the Parliamentary Inquiry.

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