More than 3,000 government buildings could potentially face imminent collapse

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In a reply to a DA parliamentary question, the Minister of Public Works, Nathi Nhleko, revealed that a shocking 3%, that is 3 046, of all government buildings are unfit for occupation. Furthermore, almost 10 000 government buildings have serious structural defects.

It is unclear whether these building are currently in use. But what is clear is that our country’s ailing infrastructure is now on the verge of collapse.

The decaying infrastructure is a damning indictment on the dead ANC government. Indeed, the government is literally crumbling.

What’s worse is that only 1% of government buildings are in an excellent condition.

It’s unacceptable that government would risk the safety and security of hard-working public servants in this manner.

Considering the widespread allegations of corruption that emerge on a daily basis from the ANC-led government, it should come as no surprise that the public funds allocated for the maintenance of these buildings did not end up being used for that purpose.

Government buildings are an invaluable component of economic growth and development. If these buildings are dilapidated, it will have serious consequences for our economy and on social services to the public.

The DA will now write to Minister Nhleko and pepper him with more questions as to whether these buildings are indeed occupied and what his plans are to bring these unsafe buildings up to standard.

The crumbling infrastructure smacks of the dead ANC’s utter failure. This simply cannot be allowed to stand and the DA will continue holding the ever evasive ANC to account.

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