6 hijacked properties handed back to owners in DA-led Jozi

Six properties that were in the hands of hijackers have been handed back to their rightful owners in DA-led Jozi. It is alleged that one of the properties, situated in Forest Hill, was hijacked five years ago, with the other five properties hijacked between four and eight months ago.

This brings the total number of hijacked properties that have been handed back to their owners to 18.

The hand-over of the properties follows months of investigations by the City’s Group Forensic and Investigation Service department, working together with the South African Police Service.

The City will not leave any stone unturned when dealing with criminal activities within its area of jurisdiction and we will continue to intensify the raids at these bad and hijacked properties with the assistance of the SAPS and other law enforcement agencies.

– Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba

About 300 buildings are confirmed as hijacked in the City, with an audit of some 500 bad buildings conducted. 24 of the 500 bad buildings belong to the City and 15 property hijackers have been arrested.

I am happy that we are not only conducting the raids on hijacked and bad properties, but we are also arresting those that are involved in the hijackings and handing over properties to the rightful owners.

– Johannesburg Mayor, Herman Mashaba

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