De Lille’s alternative facts are false and misleading

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It is most unfortunate that Ms De Lille seems determined to misrepresent and spread alternative facts relating to her disciplinary hearing in a transparent attempt to garner public sympathy.

Ms De Lille’s assertion that “nothing much happened in the first 30 days” after the referral of serious and substantive issues pertaining to Ms De Lille conduct to the Federal Legal Commission (FLC) is simply untrue.

The matter was referred to the FLC on 16 January 2018 and in the first 30 days there was much back and forth between the FLC and Ms De Lille’s lawyers and the matter has been treated with the urgency it deserves.

The delays have been largely due to tardy response time or no response at all from Ms De Lille and/or her legal team as well as numerous delaying tactics, including the submission of various points in limine to avoid dealing with the merits of the matter, which have deliberately delayed the proceedings.

Regarding the application for public access and as was discussed with Ms De Lille, the panel shall decide as a collective and inform her of the decision.

Regarding the findings of the proceedings, it is not proper to discuss and/or criticise the findings of the panel in the press.  Ms De Lille is aware of her remedies if she does not agree with the findings of the panel, she knows where to find the high court.

Although we are keen to finalise the matter, it must be treated with the seriousness it deserves and as such, it may take time. The new panel must fully engage with all relevant materials and apply their minds fully. We hope that Ms De Lille will not try to frustrate the process any further, especially as she has on numerous occasions stated her desire to have her chance to answer the serious and substantive allegations that stand against her.

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