DA to report Mduduzi Manana to Parliament’s Ethics Committee

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The DA will lodge a complaint against ANC Member of Parliament, Mduduzi Manana, with Parliament’s Ethics Committee, with a view to have him removed as an MP.

This is in light of fresh allegations of assault laid against Manana yesterday by his domestic worker. These allegations include assault, crimen injuria and intimidation for allegedly pushing her down a flight of stairs and out of his house whilst verbally abusing her and threatening her with deportation.

Further, the woman alleges she suffered regular verbal abuse and was forced to work hours that contravene the Basic Conditions of Employment Act.

The charges have since been withdrawn. It is also pertinent to investigate and establish if she has been intimidated to do so.

This is not the first time Manana has resorted to violence against women. The fact that the ANC seems content to remain silent on the matter is a disgrace, especially considering his previous conviction for assaulting three women as well as the unacceptably high levels of violence against women in our society.

During the Parliamentary question and answer session on 20 March this year, I asked Deputy President David Mabuza why Manana was still sitting in the ANC benches in Parliament when he had been convicted by a court of law for assaulting three women.

He replied: “we believe people can be corrected … we don’t have a dustbin where we throw people.” He explained that the ANC aims to rehabilitate, not discard, those found on the wrong side of the law. This stance disregards the oath to uphold the Constitution and all laws that all Members of Parliament must take when sworn into the National Assembly.

Mr Manana has broken his oath and Parliament, if not the ANC, must fire him. Anything less would be a tacit acceptance by the ANC of violence against women. It is clear that Manana belongs in jail and not in Parliament.

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