Vision 2029

After 10 years of DA government, what does South Africa look like?

What has the DA national government achieved and how has it changed all South Africans lives for the better?

Vision 2029

It is 09 May 2029 and the 10th anniversary of the date, a Democratic Alliance (DA) led-government took office for the first time.

After leading a coalition government for five years, the DA won an outright majority in Election 2024.

After 10 years of DA government, what does South Africa look like? What has the DA national government achieved and how has it changed all South Africans lives for the better?

The DA Government

The DA Government is animated by the extraordinary potential of all South Africans and is focused on realising the potential of this great country through fostering opportunity for as many South Africans as possible. Its vision as a government is to make South Africa a dynamic and vibrant country, a leader in the developing world.

In 2019, the DA government recognised the vast inequality that remained as a legacy of apartheid. As such, a commitment to redress was a foundational pillar for this government. That being said, the government saw its main job as creating a better tomorrow and recognised that the best remedy for redress was through improving education and growing the economy. As such, education and the economy (jobs) are the two main pillars of the DA government’s programme of action. This is coupled with safety, affordable healthcare and clean government as its priority areas.

A small government with 15 ministries, it is seen by South Africans as working for them, leading the country and providing quality services to all South Africans.

South Africa

South Africa looks and feels like a different country to what it was in 2019. It is a country that has, for the first time, realised an annual economic growth rate of 8% and is fast being envied by many in the developing world for its business-friendliness and reputation as a hub of innovation. It’s a society characterised by fairness and justice.

South African citizens feel far more empowered and positive about the future. There is a recognition that you can make it if you work hard – your destiny is determined by how much you make of any available opportunity. And the effects of the reforms to the education system coupled with increasing economic growth means more and more opportunities exist for individuals. For those unable to take advantage of these opportunities, a sustainable safety-net is in existence.

Families are the core unit around which individuals prosper. A sense of community prevails together with a sense of care for one another.

The country is far safer than ever before with a competent, highly equipped police force finally turning the tide against crime. This is coupled with an effective justice system that inspires both confidence and belief in all South Africans. The DA-led government has led a crusade against public sector corruption and wasteful expenditure making government-run entities leaner, more efficient and citizen oriented. The healthcare system works for all South Africans with public health institutions becoming renowned for their efficient, people-centred approach.

Overall, South Africa is a country on the up. With a foreign policy premised on human rights and an emerging, powerful economy, the country is both a leader of and beacon of hope for the developing world.

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