Antoinette Steyn

Breede Valley Executive Mayor Antoinette Steyn has dedicated her life to serving the community. She has a passion for politics which she sees as an opportunity to make a positive change in people’s lives.

Antoinette was born in Riversdal where her father was employed with the South African Railways. The family later moved to Touws River where she completed her primary school education, going on to be a scholar at the Commercial High School in Worcester until the end of grade eight. She matriculated in 1993 from Worcester Gymnasium and went into business with her father for a few years.

In 2000 Antoinette was appointed as an administrative assistant in the DA’s office in Worcester. You could say that her political career officially started when she was elected as the DA’s candidate for the Breede Valley Council in 2006. She went on to be elected as speaker of Council in 2011 and in 2013 she replaced Cllr Basil Kivedo as executive mayor after he was nominated for the provincial legislature. In 2016 Antoinette was elected as the executive mayor of the Breede Valley Municipality.

Executive Mayor Antoinette Steyn is married to Koos Steyn, Regional Manager of the DA in Worcester. Her daughter Astraza is a third year education student.

Antoinette’s compass in the rough political landscape is the DA’s values which she believes make the DA stand out above its political opponents.

Mayoral Committee Members

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Breede Valley

Executive Mayor

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072 404 6248

John Levendal

Deputy Executive Mayor

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Wouter Meiring

Finance and Human Resources

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Margaret Sampson

Community Safety and Security

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Joyce Mei

Community Development

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George Stalmeester

Technical Services

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Frank van Zyl

Strategic Support Services

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Eileen Sheldon

Human Settlements and Housing Development

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Reggie Farao

Sports and Recreation

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Julian Kritzinger

Local and Economic Development; Arts and Culture; Tourism

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