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Drakenstein Local Municipality is renowned for its successful long-term strategy to cut water losses by two-thirds and its consecutive clean audits. The Municipality has zero tolerance for corruption. To keep making progress into the next term, Drakenstein Local Municipality will focus on creating the conditions conducive to facilitating opportunities for appropriate development for, and with, the community.

Drakenstein's Success Stories

Mayor Conrad Poole welcomed


resolving that the Waste Recovery, Beneficiation and Energy Project is still an environmentally sound solution

DA-led Drakenstein received


for excellent management of public funds in 2016

DA-led Drakenstein


FROM 34.8% TO 12.1% 

in just over a decade by using interventions like hydraulic modelling

In 2016, DA-led Drakenstein had



for Groenheuwel and Wellington libraries

Meet the Mayor & Mayoral Committee Running Drakenstein Municipality

Conrad Poole

Executive Mayor Conrad Poole was born and raised in Drakenstein Municipality. “It is, here, in Drakenstein and its community where my heart lies and for whom I am striving for excellence,” Conrad says. Before becoming mayor, Conrad had been elected as the constituency chair for the DA in 2010 and as deputy mayor of Drakenstein…

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News from Drakenstein

Reward system launched for reporting arson

Having suffered 1 702 fires in the Drakenstein area over the last approximately two years – claiming the lives of 18 people and injuring a further 91 – Drakenstein Municipality has started a substantial rewards system for people spotting and reporting arsonists, whether these culprits have committed this crime wilfully or unintentionally.   Between 1 July…

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Drakenstein Municipality’s ‘city of excellence’ gets fresh look

Drakenstein Municipality, the Western Cape’s largest local municipality outside the City of Cape Town in terms of resident numbers and budget size, is starting to sport a fresh look and feel this week. The Municipality – comprising the Cape Winelands towns of Paarl, Wellington, Gouda, Hermon, Saron and Simondium – will officially launch its brand…

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We celebrate Heritage Month 2017

We celebrate Heritage Month annually from 01 to 30 September by remembering the cultural heritage of the many cultures that make up the diverse population of South Africa. History, heritage and culture are all important for fostering social understanding and cohesion. In light of the above, Drakenstein Municipality, has packaged a historical buildings and monuments…

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Exceptional results in curbing water losses

The Drakenstein Municipality had since 2000 put asserted effort in to reduce water losses. The water losses were in the order of 34% (1999/2000) and through concerted efforts by the Municipality it has been brought down to 9.26%. On average over the past 16 years the water losses are at 12%  while the average water losses in South…

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  Drakenstein Human Settlements Division   2012/2013 FINANCIAL YEAR     Number of houses hand over to beneficiaries 672 Number of Sites serviced –           430 The department also received the award for Local Authority of the year 2013 in recognition for providing the local community with affordable, good quality and environmentally friendly housing and services…

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Simondium Informal Settlement upgrades

Drakenstein Municipality has an electrification program whereby it prioritizes and rolls out the provision of electricity to informal settlements within the municipal jurisdiction area. As such, the informal settlement at Simondium consisting of 71 informal structures were electrified in August and September 2016.  During the following financial year the municipality spent R4 Million on the…

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