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This is Matzikama Local Municipality’s first term under DA government. The Municipality that is “defined by its diversity” will strive to cut corruption, create jobs, and deliver services to all residents in the community. The newly implemented Wishlist system allows councillors to take requests to management to create action plans and targets, so that the municipality can deliver on their promises. There are many plans underway to develop the community, wage a war on drugs and provide for residents in poor communities.

Matzikama's Success Stories

Our new ‘Wishlists’ system allows councillors to take your requests to management to create action plans and targets, so that we can deliver on our promises.

We are building new outdoor gyms and playparks in Doringbay, Lutzville and Vredendal North; and upgrading sports facilities in Klawer.

In the war against drugs, we have started a Local Drug Action Committee to offer drug education and support.

Our new pro-poor budget will bring better roads and drains; access to water, and sanitation. 250 houses in Vredendal North will get electricity.

“Our councillor is helping us with our land claims by bringing leaders to our area to finalise them.” ̶ Greg Muller, Ebenhaeser

Meet the Mayor & Mayoral Committee Running Matzikama Municipality

Rhenda Stephan

Executive Mayor Rhenda Stephan is the newly appointed Mayor of Matzikama Municipality. Rhenda joined the DA in 2005 when Johan Smith approached her. She went on to be a councillor from 2006. She and her husband, Wilfred Stephan, have two daughters. One has just finished studying chemical engineering and the other daughter will study towards…

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