Bongani Baloyi

In 2013, Executive Mayor Bongani Baloyi made history when he became executive mayor of Midvaal Local Municipality, marking him as the youngest mayor in South Africa.

His political interest began as a child, and in 2011, whilst still in his early twenties, Bongani was already elected member of the Mayoral Committee (MMC) in charge of the Development, Planning and Housing Portfolio. Some of his main successes as MMC include: reducing the turn-around time for land-use application, drafting a robust LED Strategy, heading the successful roll-out of community and homestead food gardening, as well as attracting international and local investments. Midvaal saw dramatic economic growth under his leadership as MMC, through initiatives such as the securing of investment from Paramount Trailers, and establishing trade relations with a city in China.

As Mayor, he set himself the task of maintaining the stability and continuity of the institution, whilst constantly seeking out ways to improve on its performance. He has enhanced organisational performance by cascading performance evaluation to more management levels, grown the contribution of agriculture to Midvaal’s GDP, managed the continuation of residential growth in the area and led Midvaal towards a more inclusive, integrated and prosperous future. Midvaal Local Municipality has achieved two clean audits, Blue Drop Status, was ranked as the top performing municipality in the Annual Municipal Financial Sustainability Index, and won several PMR awards, during his tenure as Mayor.

Bongani joined the DA in 2005, and has served as a member of the Vaal Region Executive Committee, the Provincial Executive Committee and a Federal Council member. He has participated in the DA Young Leaders Programme, and previously served as the chairperson of the Midvaal Youth Development Forum Board.

Bongani is passionate about driving youth development, building inclusive and equal societies, and promoting multilingualism. His vision is to create a future in which Midvaal will be the centre of growth in Gauteng.

Mayoral Committee Members

Name Role Contact info

Bongani Baloyi

Executive Mayor

016 360 7418

Dennis Ryder

Deputy Mayor and Engineering Services

Peter Teixeira

Development and Planning

Amelia Tsukudu

Corporate Cluster

David Nyaku

Social Services

Phil Pretorius

Chief Whip

Patricia Hutcheson-Pretorius

Finance and Protection Services