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Modimolle/Mookgophong Local Municipality’s vision is to be a leading municipality in the Limpopo Province, providing quality services to all communities by 2021. Already, the Municipality has put plans in motion to address the financial crisis that it inherited from the previous administration. The DA-led municipality works very hard with committed officials; striving to provide a safe and stable environment for businesses to prosper, and to listen to the community and respond to its needs.

Modimolle/Mookgophong's Success Stories

To improve access to water for all our residents, contractors are working on thirteen projects to build and maintain good water infrastructure in this dry region of SA.

6 000 more residents are now registered as indigents so that they can get financial support. All the outstanding debts on these accounts were cancelled.

Meet the Mayor & Mayoral Committee Running Modimolle/Mookgophong Municipality

Marlene van Staden

Modimolle/Mookgophong Executive Mayor Marlene Van Staden has always been very interested in politics. Her mother had politics as a subject at university and the two of them always had hefty political discussions in their home. Marlene likes the way politics gives you an opportunity to make a difference in people’s lives. She joined the DA…

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News from Modimolle/Mookgophong

We must all save water

The DA-led coalition Council in Modimolle-Mookgophong Municipality is deeply concerned about the low water levels in various reservoirs and dams which are contributing towards the current water shortages within the municipality. The lack of rainfall and recent heat wave that increased the water usage have contributed significantly towards the shortage. We can confirm that the…

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Eskom crisis averted

The DA led council of the Modimolle-Mookgophong municipality in Limpopo has averted a proposed bulk electricity cut off scheduled to start within weeks. Faced with a massive inherited debt following the ANC inspired amalgamation of the two municipalities all role players worked tirelessly to ensure that a manageable payment plan was introduced. Having met the…

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DA led team doing all it can to prevent power cuts

The DA led Modimolle-Mookgophong municipality would like to mind all our residents of the impending power cuts scheduled to begin on the 6th of December 2017. The Mayor and her team are fully aware of the impact that the proposed power cuts will have on the lives of residents as well as the business community….

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Feedback on Projects in Modimolle-Mookgophong

The DA led Modimolle Mookgophong municipality has once again shown its commitment to ensuring effective service delivery for the residents of the area. A number of important projects relating to water and sanitation have been completed or are nearing completion. This includes six new boreholes equipped with new secured pump houses, a new overhead line,…

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From the Office of the Mayor

Winter is drawing to a close and Spring almost upon us. The renewal and vibrant change that this season brings was something we had hoped would also be reflected in the work we are working to bring renewal to Modimolle-Mookgophong Local Municipality.   The political management team would have liked to have seen many more…

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From the Desk of the Mayor

Since the last mayoral column, we have passed the new Integrated Development Plan and Annual Budget. These crucial documents, which will chart the way forward for our municipality, were approved unanimously by all 28 LIM 368 councillors and will be implemented from July 1st 2017. The council has accepted a new name for the municipality:   …

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