DA-led Governments

Since the 2016 Local Government Elections, around 16 million South Africans experience some form of DA governance. In addition to the Western Cape Province, the DA currently governs in 33 municipalities. These include South Africa’s legislative capital, Cape Town; the administrative capital, Tshwane; our economic centre, Johannesburg; and the city named after our democracy’s founding father, Nelson Mandela Bay.

Governing these four metros means that the DA, and its various coalition governments, now controls R139.5 billion worth of public money. We control more money in South Africa’s major cities than the ANC does – and we plan to spend it wisely.

DA-led Governments


We are committed to creating communities where our diversity is embraced and celebrated. DA local governments provide residents with safe, reliable and affordable public transport systems so that everyone can benefit from the city and interact in public spaces that reflect our rich heritage.

WATCH this video to see how we already deliver on this promise where we govern, and the kind of CHANGE we can bring to the communities that vote for us.