Tijmen van Essen

Over the last decade, Executive Mayor Tijmen van Essen has worked with the DA in Swartland Municipality to make it one of the best-run municipalities in South Africa. The Municipality has won numerous awards including the 2007/2008 national Vuna Award for performance excellence.

Tijmen began his career as a builder in the, then, Malmesbury council. He was promoted to a technical official where he learnt about road development and maintenance before becoming Malmesbury Municipality’s assistant civil and construction engineer. It was whilst working for the Malmesbury Municipality that Tijmen developed his respect for local governance and its mandate to deliver quality services to the community.

Tijmen first joined the DA in 2000 and he has worked full-time as a politician since 2003.

In addition to working in local government in the Municipality, the Mayor has filled many other roles in the community. He has been a deacon in the NG Kerk and a member of the Boland Master Builders Association. He’s served as chair of the Malmesbury Conservation Trust, as a founding member of the Malmesbury Community Police Forum, and as part of the Chamber of Commerce’s management.

Tijmen cares deeply for the Swartland. He wants to take the Municipality to greater heights, making it a safer, cleaner, happier community for all residents. He wants to create a healthy economic climate that attracts investment and creates jobs.

Mayoral Committee Members

Name Role Contact info

Tijmen van Essen

Mayor/ Economic Development and Finance

022 487 9400

Maude Goliath

Deputy Mayor/ Health, Social and Communal Housing & Social Development

Michael Rangasamy

Speaker/ Finance, Economic Development. Legislative Affairs & Ward Committees

Monde Stemele

Social Upliftment, Human Settlements, Cultural Affairs & Sport

Marlene van Zyl

Community Safety, Cultural Affairs & Tourism

Reggie van der Westerhuizen

Public Works, Transport & Sport

Patricia Solomons

Agriculture, Social Upliftment, Cultural Affairs & Education