Christelle Vosloo

Theewaterskloof Executive Mayor Christelle Vosloo has worked in local government since 1988. The service delivery needs of the residents of Theewaterskloof were the sparks that ignited her entry into politics with the aim of serving the community.

In 2006 Christelle was elected onto the council and was also elected speaker. She was also the deputy chair of the Western Cape Speakers Forum.

In 2015 she took a sabbatical for a year and worked full time as an activist of the DA in the community. Once she had established the needs, wishes and fears of residents, she was convinced that she could best serve them as mayor of Theewaterskloof.

Christelle believes that while South Africans have political freedom, they are often still trapped in social and economic bonds. To correct this, she has committed herself to the DA’s policy of freedom, fairness and equal opportunity for all.

“I am determined to ensure that everyone has access to municipal services” she says.

As a DA member, Christelle has already made an impact as chairperson of the Theewaterskloof constituency, chairperson of the Western Cape East Region and member of the DA Provincial Executive committee.

The Mayor’s priority is to improve the financial sustainability of the municipality. “To continue with the good levels of service delivery in Theewaterskloof, I must drive a process that will improve income streams. That income will primarily be additional taxes from a widened economy or increased state financial contributions for the indigent population. My task is to make the economy more diverse, the business sector larger, the labour pool wider and the state’s financial contribution to municipalities higher.”

Christelle is a people’s person and believes that the key to success is good relationships and co-operation across the board. She works hard to create political unity, tolerance and cohesion in Theewaterskloof and to expand the public participation in municipal processes.

Mayoral Committee Members

Name Role Contact info

Christelle Vosloo

Executive Mayor

028 214 3318/ 076 163 0969

Daniel du Toit

Deputy Mayor

Daniel du Toit


Pearl Stanfliet

Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee: Operations

Kallie Papier

Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee: Technical

Jane Arendse

Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee: Corporate

Martie Koegelenberg

Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee: Finances

Isaac Sileku

Chairperson of the Portfolio Committee: Development