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“Good governance starts a domino effect. After years of effort, by many partners, the Western Cape is beginning to reap the rewards,” Premier Helen Zille announced in her keynote address at the 2017 State of the Province. And she’s right.

Half-way into the DA’s second term in office, the Province boasts the lowest unemployment rate – more people have hope for finding a job here than in any other province in the country. Pass rates in the Western Cape’s poorest schools have improved from 57.7%, when the DA took office in 2009, to 75.2% in 2016! And under the DA’s leadership, the Province has delivered 75 300 title deeds to date.

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WCED introduces new tool for parents to track their admission application as schools open admissions for 2019

The Western Cape Education Department (WCED) has introduced a new online function to assist parents with tracking applications for admission to public schools. The WCED increasingly faces large volumes of queries relating to applications for admission submitted to schools which places undue pressure on the system. This new function was introduced to relieve some of…

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Employment rate: DA-led Western Cape continues to hold the lowest unemployment rate and create jobs

The DA in the Western Cape is delighted to note that the latest unemployment figures released by Statistics South Africa yesterday show that the Western Cape now has the lowest official unemployment rate in the country, sitting at 19.5%. When taking into account the national unemployment rate of 26.7% and especially the national expanded unemployment…

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