Over 100 homes handed over in McGregor

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The DA run Western Cape municipality of Langeberg has handed over more than 114 houses, part of a project that will see over 400 families receive a home of their own, many for the very first time. Twenty six units have been earmarked for people with disabilities and the qualifying families have already been identified.  Special attention and priority will also be given to elderly residents who qualify for housing. Assistance has already been provided to elderly residents to assist them with the process of moving into their new homes.

Made up of single and double story units, the Integrated Residential Housing project will also include seven communal gardens, one Church site, one Creche site and one Community Training Facility.

All units are fitted with pre-paid water and electricity meters to minimise waste and the borehole on the property will be incorporated into the irrigation system to assist with landscaping and the development of communal gardens.

The residents of the informal area as well as backyard dwellers located within and around McGregor will be the beneficiaries of this project.

Aimed at alleviating the existing housing need in McGregor, this housing development will improve the living conditions of many of the residents and strives to provide a sustainable and desirable living area.

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