First Home for Elderly Residents

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The Mayor of Witzenberg Barnito Klassen has handed over 20 homes, the first batch of a project to build 309 houses, to beneficiaries in the area. The project, Bel-Vista 309, will see all the homes completed and handed over to beneficiaries by 2018. According to Municipal authorities the first 200 homes will be complete by the end of 2017 with the bulk infrastructure development well underway.


As part of the project, the elderly have been prioritized as recipients of the new homes.

At the ceremony to hand over homes to the first 20 beneficiaries, 84 year old Thomas Beukes was overjoyed. He thanked the DA led Municipality for getting the keys and title deeds to his first ever home. He said it was a dream come true, a dream he had had for his entire life growing up on a nearby farm.


The Mayor has assured residents that the project will continue to be rolled out until all 309 homes have been handed over to recipients.


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