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Midvaal Local Municipality conducted a roadshow with the Savanna City residents (subsidised housing section) recently  under the theme “know your government”. The municipality has previously conducted the similar roadshow with the Savanna City residents from the bonded housing section on 15 July 2017. The roadshow was attended by MMC Corporate Services, Councillor Amelia Tshukudu, MMC for Development Planning and Engineering Services, Councillor Peter Teixira, MMC for Community Services, Councillor David Nyaku, MMC for Finance Services, Councillor Pat Hutcheson, Ward Councillor for Ward 11, Councillor Hlengwa, Savanna City Project Manager, Johan Voster and Assistant Director Finance, Jacob Ramodike. Over 200 residents attended the roadshow.

The purpose of the roadshow was to enlighten our communities with the powers and functions of government in its 3 spheres as well as the functions of the various municipal departments. The roadshow was opened by the Ward Councillor for Ward 11, Councillor Hlengwa. MMC for Corporate Services, Councillor Amelia Tshukudu, clarified the roles of local government as stipulated in the Constitution. She further reiterated that as much as some community needs fall outside the municipal competency, the municipality engages with relevant spheres of national and provincial government to facilitate sustainable solutions to the community needs. MMC’s present also gave presentations on their departmental functions to the community and their role in the municipality.

The residents were afforded an opportunity to ask clarity-seeking questions to the MMC’s. The main concern which dominated the question and answers session was the supply of electricity. The residents wanted to know when electricity will be connected to their houses. MMC for Development and Planning as well as Engineering Services, Councillor Peter Teixira responded that the delay in the electrical connections is from the Department of Energy and not the municipality. However, the MMC indicated that the municipality is trying its best to facilitate the electricity problem and will keep on engaging with the responsible department until such time the problem is resolved. Another concern raised by residents was their rates account which included the electricity availability charges. Mr Jacob Ramodike responded to that concern that those charges will be reversed as it was an error from the municipality.

The roadshow concluded with the MMC’s engaging with residents in trying to resolve their individual property and service problems. MMC for Corporate Services handed out copies of constitutions to the residents as part of “the know your government” roadshow theme.

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