Knysna assists mudslide victims

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Teams from the Knysna and Eden Municipalities are currently on site attending to mudslides that affected the community of Brenton-on-Lake following the past week’s (14 November) soaking rains.  Climate change and the recent fires have exacerbated the potential risks of landslides.  The municipalities and the Garden Route Rebuild Initiative (GRRI) has worked extensively to address the high risks areas where possible.


Paul Buchholz, the project manager for the Garden Route Rebuild Initiative’s environmental management work-stream (whose members include those from the Knysna and Eden Municipalities), said that erosion mitigation measures including fibre rolls and fibre blankets that had been installed on other sites in the region – are all performing according to expectations.


“This is the only serious landslide that we are aware of in the district now,” said Hans Ottervanger, Senior Manager: Roads Services at Eden District Municipality.  The sediment came down from the Brenton Hill, overtopped the main road, and washed into the properties of the community below.”

“We have teams out checking on them, and doing maintenance where necessary,” he added.

REPORT LAND SLIPS Knysna’s Municipal Manager, Kam Chetty, asked members of the public to advise the Municipality of any other slip sites.


“We have to rely on the community as our eyes and ears in the current situation in which we’re faced with a massive workload, which includes both repairing damaged infrastructure, and maintaining infrastructure that wasn’t affected by the fires,” said Chetty.


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