Metro to revitalise holiday resorts through new management models

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A new policy change is set to revitalise the ailing holiday resorts across Nelson Mandela Bay as the City is working on new management models to maximise the potential of these neglected facilities.

Over the years, all the six holiday resorts in the Metro have been neglected and left in a state of ruin by companies they had been outsourced to. This has been allowed to go on unabated through lack of leadership and foresight.

Currently, the Nelson Mandela Bay Municipality is deriving limited revenue from the operation of these resorts namely Willows, Van Stadens, Beachview, Maitlands and

Springs as their potential has not been maximised for the benefit of the City.

By nature, resorts are environmentally protected areas and as such, the new policy seeks to ensure there is full compliance and that the necessary legislation is adhered to.

Once the policy has been completed, it will go for public participation before it is presented to the full Council for adoption. It is hoped that its adoption would take place once the Integrated Development Plan is adopted in May.

Its introduction would inform the successful management of these prized facilities through tailor-made and resort specific management models.

The Metro is positioning itself as a sports tourism City and a preferred tourist destination of choice.

However, the current state of our resorts do not bode well with the City’s tourism blueprint as they are below acceptable world-class standards.

The passing of this policy would pave the way for the appointment of a service provider who will carry out necessary refurbishment work and restore the facilities to their former glory.

This coalition government is committed in ensuring that the City gets a return on its investment through a water-tight management and revenue generation system.

The years of neglect and lack of development at these facilities has denied the City millions of rands in revenue collection.

We want to change this by turning these facilities into world-class tourism sports. This will ensure their full enjoyment by Metro residents and visitors domestically and abroad.

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