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The Mossel Bay Municipality once again finds itself among the top five per cent of South African Municipalities, having achieved a fifth consecutive clean audit. The Auditor-General’s audit report for the year ended 30 June 2016 was tabled at a Special Council Meeting on 8 December 2016 and showed that the Municipality had once again achieved a clean audit.

“Council is delighted with this achievement, which again proves that Mossel Bay is one of the best municipalities in South Africa and is financially healthy. However, the audit does not cover only the financial position and management of the Municipality. It is a wide-ranging audit which digs into almost every facet of municipal operations and it therefore confirms the Municipality’s reputation as one of the best-managed municipalities in South Africa too,” said the Executive Mayor, Alderman Harry Levendal.

“The clean audit could not have been achieved without the support and co-operation of the entire municipal workforce and I would like to thank each and every employee of the Municipality for their contribution in this regard. It would also be remiss of me if do not acknowledge the contribution of the previous Municipal Manager, Dr Michele Gratz, who resigned towards the end of May 2016, and the previous Council’s Mayoral Committee member for finance, Alderman Jim van der Merwe. Their leadership played a major role in this achievement,” said the Mayor.

Alderman Levendal said the audits do not become easier the more clean audits you get as municipalities operate in a dynamic environment. It will not be possible to achieve clean audits if the Municipality does not keep up with new accounting practices and does not exercise strict financial controls at all times.  It must at the same continue focusing on service delivery.

“As the new Council, we would of course like to ensure that Mossel Bay retains its place in the top five percent of Municipalities and we are determined that Mossel Bay should add a sixth clean audit to its present tally of five. We know that it will be a challenge but we have the people to make it happen and I am sure that they will overcome the challenge,” said Alderman Levendal.

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