A “new world” opens its doors in Avianpark

About this Article

The Avianpark Library has opened its doors to the residents of Avianpark which is opening up a whole new world for the local community. Two months ago Avianpark residents were caught up in a drug war that left many people concerned about the youth living in the area. After the municipality had assisted the authorities to restore order to the area, it was determined to ensure that the youth had opportunities to spend their time productively and with access to facilities that could improve their lives.

The new Library with its computer section and internet access will be able to do just that. Executive Mayor Antoinette Steyn was thrilled to be able to provide a service that the entire community could utilize. Learners will be able to do research on the internet and will be able to complete projects and assignments using library computers.

Education is a powerful tool in ensuring that the youth have opportunities and hope for the future and quite often that starts in the humble libraries that help make our communities stronger.

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