Overstrand keeps Sandbaai’s ageing and overgrown vegetation in check with controlled block burning

About this Article

On Thursday, 5 October 2017, Overstrand Fire and Disaster Management in cooperation with Overstrand Environmental Services, embarked on a program to reduce aged and overgrown vegetation in the Sandbaai area.  The aim is to better manage out of control veld fires and to improve the ecological biodiversity of the neighbourhood concerned.


The identified prescribed block burn is dependent on season and weather conditions which are conducive for the burning of firebreaks or blocks.  Fire safety is of utmost importance in incidents like this and, where necessary, the programme will be adapted in order to maintain safe burning conditions. This means that the prescribed burn will be carefully assessed by a committee consisting of Overstrand Fire and Disaster and Overstrand Environmental Services..


All resources are under the control of an Incident Commander; in this case it was Marlu Rust of Overstrand’s Fire and Disaster Management unit.

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