Saldanha Bay Municipality investigates new water sources

About this Article

Saldanha Bay Municipality’s intention to draw water from the Elandsfontein Aquifer was envisaged as a possible augmentation intervention to supply water to the community, businesses and industries during the present water crisis. Depending on expert advice, it will then be determined whether this source will be used in the long term to abstract water from this groundwater source.

Elandsfontein mine is involved in this endeavour because their existing infrastructure for extraction of water from the aquifer will be used to supply the water to Saldanha Bay Municipality.

Saldanha Bay Municipality has a present water supply agreement with Elandsfontein mine. This is in terms of a water usage licence issued by the National Department of Water and Sanitation. This matter is completely separate from the emerging water crisis.

Saldanha Bay Municipality will independently obtain all legislative requirements to proceed with the development of the Elandsfontein Aquifer emergency water supply project. Any decision in this respect will be based on scientific evidence. The Municipality has appointed a consultant including a hydrogeologist, Dr Jaco Nel, to scientifically determine the future sustainability of the proposed water abstraction.

Presently no scientific evidence exists that any harm is caused to the environment.

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