More Trees planted in the #100 000 Trees Project

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Councillor Ben Smith (Ward 1) with the support of the Executive Mayor, Grant Riddles planted trees in Melkhoutfontein and Stilbaai. Trees were planted in front of the Melkhoutfontein Provincial Clinic as well as the entrance of the town. Benches has also been provided to be placed in strategic places, like in front of the clinic so that waiting patients have a place to sit.


This forms part of the municipalities’ #100 000 Trees project. This is an environmentally friendly imitative with the aim to green the region. Community involvement is encouraged to make the region 110% green. Eco systems are restored with this project. The municipality took hands with Working for the Coast, the Expanded Works Programme and the Department of Agriculture too implement this project.  The Department of Agriculture donated a large amount of trees to the municipality, while Working for the Coast donated 3 000 trees. To date a total of 9 042 trees were planted in the region.

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