Water Savings

About this Article

The Bergrivier municipality has reduced the water losses in the area from almost 20% to under 8% over the past 6 years. With the Western Cape facing serious challenges regarding water availability and the ongoing drought conditions, water savings successes play a crucial role in the water management plan of any municipality.

The ongoing strategy used by the Bergrivier municipality includes the following interventions:

  • The phasing out of estimations of water usage vs taking regular readings,
  • Ensuring adequate budgeting for the repair and maintenance of pipe networks,
  • Control of water pressure to manage water losses
  • Conduct water meter audit to establish which meters need replacing or repairing,
  • Replacing meters in Industrial areas regularly
  • Monthly reports on the condition and state of the water supply network
  • The constant communication via pamphlets to residents on water saving awareness


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